Get Rid of Carpenter Bees!

 If you have Carpenter Bees, you need a Carpenter Bee Kit!


These Insects are not just a nuisance, they will eat holes in your wood and cause real damage to your home, garage, deck and any other wood structure you have. Get rid of them!


Step 1:

Find the Carpenter bees nest, look for a 1/2 inch sized hole bored in your woodwork. Also look for the males flying around outside the nest, watching over it.


Step 2:

Use your duster from the Bee eliminator kit  to apply the insecticide dust into the nest. Don’t worry, the bees are not aggressive and wont attack you. Wait 5 minutes and the Carpenter bees will begin to buzz, fall out of the nest and drop dead. It’s that easy!


Two Easy Steps to  Stop the damage they cause and Get Rid of Carpenter Bees!


One Carpenter Bee elimination kit will last you for years!  

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Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees!





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